Mama Africa - The Way of Joy Experience


My journey to joy...

From the moment my feet touched the soil in Africa, I felt the ripple of healing into my heart. I received so much heart medicine and healing from this land. I met my soulmate on this special land. I even renamed it to myself the “land of love”.

Spirit spoke to me throughout my stay in Africa and said that I was to bring people over to receive the medicine of Joy into their hearts.

From immersing myself in the local culture and becoming welcomed as a member of the local community I was shown the way of joy.

Ghanaian people showed me what true joy is, without material things, without qualifications and sometimes without food or shelter.

In our busy daily lives in Europe, we sometimes have everything we could ever imagine, but we sometimes lack joy.


So allow me to take you on an adventure of a lifetime into your heart, into joy and into the medicine of Mama Africa.

I will guide you on many healing journeys throughout this sacred land, we will immerse ourselves in the jungle and work with the medicine of Cacao. I will bring you deep into the Cacao Villages in Cape Coast Ghana where you can meet the communities that have been working with cacao for generations. You can see the way the Ghanaian people live and love.

You will have an opportunity to pick your own Cacao, from the Cacao pod, and eat her fruit and witness the whole intentional process that creates a cup of your heart medicine - cacao.

You will develop a deeper connection to this sacred plant teacher. We can pay our respects back to Mama Cacao for all she has given us.

What is Cacao?

Mama Africa - The Way of Joy Experience


Date: July 11th-18th 2022

Location: Senya Beraku Central Region Ghana.

Flight: Excluded from price - Details coming soon on best flights. Approximately €500 return.

Visa: Standard Tourist Visa Required €80 - details and support on application will be given.

Investment - Deposit €97. Full price €697 per person in a twin room.

Full balance due by June 20th 2022. Deposits are non-refundable.

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What's Included;

  • transport to/ from airport
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • meals everyday (bar one evening meal with a chance to explore Ghana, eat and dance with the locals
  • day trip to Cape Coast and Cape Coast castle 
  • visit to the Cacao jungle and visit with the Cacao farmers
  • a percentage of the ticket price will go to purchase oil, tomatoes, rice to the Cacao farmers and every family in the village. They live in poverty.





Food for thought...

Please bare in mind that this trip is a mix of personal development & growth as well as charity work. We will spend several days with the children in the orphanage - giving toys, medicine, stationary to the children at a big back and from the heart is the best part. People from Ghana have the biggest hearts but not necessarily the biggest wallets. Some people don't even a bed/ mattress. The accommodation in Sunflower Beach Resort is lovely but basic by Western standards.

I encourage you to look into your heart to fundraise even a small amount for the children in the orphanage before you come over. When you arrive you will see that these children have very little and are so grateful for any little thing. The smallest amount goes a long way. Every bit of money goes straight to the children. If you wanted to bring some things over to the kids, pencils, paper, toys etc are all very appreciated. A little goes a very long way for these beautiful children.

The Orphanage

In today’s busy society, we can sometimes lose track of what is important, we can become focused too much on ourselves. What I have truly learned about joy in Africa, is that it is about GIVING from the heart. Rather than receiving. It is less about “me” and more about “us”.

I had the pleasure of becoming a mother this year, not only to my own child, but to 60 babies, although I did not birth them, they are my own.

I spent 2 months living and working in the Orphanage - Becky's Foundation, which became my home and family.

As part of this retreat we will have the opportunity to spend time with these children who have been saved from very intense and difficult traumatic experiences, losing parents and becoming orphans, or experiencing abuse, poverty and starvation.

This is an opportunity to learn from these wise souls, as well as give love, support, teachings and anything else you can to these wonderful and beautiful children.

Warning* They will steal your heart, and once they have your heart, they will have it forever and life will never be the same again. Trust me!


African culture is one of the most love and joy filled cultures of all time. Walking down the street you will be met by smiling faces, waving men and women, dancing and loud African beats and of course groups of beautiful children who want to high five you and play games!

You will see the strong women, carrying loads on their head and children on their backs and so much more!

The culture is filled with laughter, dance and music. We will have an opportunity to get involved in all of this joy!

The Gospel church is a very powerful part of the culture in Ghana. We will have an opportunity to attend these high vibrational ceremonies - which include singing, dancing and so much joy and connection to spirit.

You will have an opportunity to meet a pastor & receive many blessings.


We will be staying in a beautiful local beach resort called Sunflower Beach Resort which is only a couple of minutes away from the orphanage. This is a beautiful retreat space right beside the ocean so you can integrate all of the life changing experiences. This is where we will have some healing circles and ceremonies. We will take a tour to the Cacao Jungles and have a night stay in a beach resort closer to the jungle so you can feel the different energies of Ghana.

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Images courtesy of @ghanapeople and @sunflowerbeachresortghana