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The Midwife throughout all rites of passage - Conception, Birth, Death & Life.

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I am Sarah, Spiritual Midwife & Medicine Woman. My passion is blending the two worlds of Medical & Mystical, Science & Spiritual together, especially when it comes to our journey as women.

Whether you want to Conceive Your Baby, Birth Your Baby or maybe you want to Conceive & Birth Your Life (without babies!). I am here to support you through these Rites of Passage.

I am the Creator of The Sacred Conception Method™, The Sacred Birth Method & the wonderful magical community of women; Sac-Red: The Mystery School.

Wherever you are at on your feminine journey, there is something here for you to explore.


Sac-Red: The Mystery School

This is a powerful container of spiritual women who are looking to heal, to learn and to grow together. It is deeply supportive, kind and special. We come together live monthly for Cacao Ceremonies, Sharing Circles, Guest Masterclasses, Astrology Calls, as well as monthly themed content, audio channelled healing meditations and lots of resources. As well as a tribe of women in a private Facebook group with lots of in person meet ups that are optional and fun!


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The Sacred Conception Method ™ - 12 Week Programme

This is a deeply healing journey of preparing you mind, body and spirit to welcome in and conceive the soul of your baby. This includes Cacao Ceremonies, Self Paced Weekly Content, Channelled Healing Audios, Coaching Calls, Guest Masterclasses, Gift Bag with Cacao and Crystals and so much more. This is an intimate container, and a powerful process. Unlimited Access. This also includes bespoke and personalised 1:1 Healing ceremony with Sarah.


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The Sacred Birth Method™ - 6 Week Programme

This is a healing journey throughout your pregnancy, to prepare you mind, body and spirit to birth your baby in an empowering way regardless of your preferences or outcome. This is the transition from Maiden to Mother. We cover all aspects - Hormones, Breathwork, Active Birth & Pregnancy Yoga, Healing, Fear Releasing, Manifesting your Ideal Birth, Positive Caesarean, Positive Birth Affirmations, The Role of your Partner. Bonus Material - Cacao Ceremonies, Birth Blessings and so much more.


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❝ I felt so empowered to be taking such an active part of all aspects of my fertility journey. From fertility boosting foods, conception art, calling in my baby, visualisations and meditations; this holistic approach gave me back my power and hope. 

Feeling like I had a safe space to delve into this type of vulnerable, inner work. I felt held  and supported as I went deep into healing my womb. As the course went on, I felt that I was healing the wombs of the women that came before and after me.❞ 


The Sacred Conception Method™

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