Sarah Richardson is a Midwife & Leader in the birth of the new earth with 13 years experience holding space through birth & death. She is the founder of 'Scoil na Mná Ghlúine' - The School for Soul Midwifery & the Ancient Art of Holding Sacred Space. As well as the published author of her popular book 'WOMAN'.


Free Rebirth Meditation


Enjoy this beautiful meditation when you are in a phase of your cycle called the premenstrual phase, when you body is preparing to bleed if a pregnancy has not occurred. If you do not bleed, you can enjoy this meditation when the moon is shrinking and waning in the sky.

You will meet the Wild Woman Goddess Sheela na Gig, a dark Goddess of so many things - feminine power, sexuality, birth. Receive her medicine. This is the phase in the Celtic calendar called Lughnasa. Simply light a candle, go somewhere you won’t be disturbed, and press play, allow yourself extra time at the end to receive more healing. Journal if you need to.

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SARAH RICHARDSON is a Midwife & Keener (Bean Ghlúine & Bean Chaointe in her native Irish language) with over 12 years' experience hands on in her community providing healing support to women going through the rites of passage of birth and also through the spiritual births and deaths that we go through on the healing journey.

Her work is rooted in the ancient Irish tradition of the Bean Feasa - The ‘Wise Woman’ of the village. She is deeply connected to the otherworld of spirit, and weaves between worlds to bring wisdom and healing to all who need it. Whereby she supports & midwives women through all thresholds. She continues to share her medicine through immersive healing retreats & trainings for those wishing to hold sacred space for others. She is the author of her book WOMAN - A guide to living your best life by setting yourself free & coming home to your true nature. She also works with women in deeply transformative mentorship over a period of time.


 ❝ It's been a journey. A journey of the dark feminine...Sarah invited me to her private keening circle.  Well, all I can say is that it blew me right open. This keening session; It was something on a different level. Throughout the whole experience I could feel her spirit guides and wise women that Sarah was clearly channeling.  Sarah had brought her army of healers with her. 

Submerged in the water, held in Sarah's arms, I finally let to. I let go of generations of pain, shame and hurt from my lineage. I let go of the need to control. I let go and I could feel my light again. I could feel me, the real me. Not masked by others journeys and conditioned beliefs, just me.

The whole experience was raw, emotional, humbling, and such an honour to both witness Sarah in her authentic truth. The integration after was beautiful for me. I retreated in wards and stayed in my new bliss, feeling like a new soul again. It was a long time coming. ❞ 

Sinead Healy

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