My Story - Sarah Richardson



Hello beautiful!


I am so grateful you felt the call to my page to work with me & connect!! Here is a little bit about my background!

Early Life


From a young age, I was always highly connected to spirit and energy. I grew up in North Dublin so we didn’t really speak about energy or angels! To numb my sensitivity, I did the usual - smoking, drinking & experimenting & being a trouble maker in school! Which continued right into my adulthood!

I began mixing with a rebellious crowd and found myself pregnant at age 19, in an extremely abusive relationship - physically, mentally & emotionally.

I had just begun my studies to become a Midwife, and at the time my spiritual connection was growing stronger and stronger as I was numbing it more and more.

From Donaghmede to Delhi... 


I had many spiritual awakenings over my life, from a young age seeing and connecting to spirit to moments of ecstasy and bliss in temples in India & Bali! 

Spirit spoke through to me loudly during a near death experience with my abusive ex partner. Without this careful guidance I wouldn’t be here today! 

So after that moment I knew I would dedicate my life to healing work, guiding and supporting women. 

I followed my heart to Delhi in India to dive into spirituality and find myself - so cliche!! 

For more details on my training, credentials and experience

More Details



I had my baby boy, who is now 10 and has been my biggest teacher. I continued my studies and qualified and was given “a good pensionable job”. 

I worked in all areas of the busiest Dublin Maternity Hospital - looking after mothers & babies - from the most straight forward cases to the sickest in NICU. I thrived working in Delivery ward, I felt most connected to my soul & spirit when I was with a woman birthing her baby. Being able to support her through her transition to become a mother is the highlights of my life. Witnessing the soul enter the room at birth, and also working closely with the grief of miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal deaths. 

Eventually, I went on to specialise in Fertility in a busy clinic. I began to witness high levels of stress being a massive cause of fertility issues. I knew there was more to fertility than medication! 



I began designing my dream life, meeting amazing people, I manifested a home, a car, my thriving healing business! I left my life behind in the medical profession and I seen thousands of people one to one for deep transformational healing work. I began to live a life aligned with my soul and every aspect of me thrived!! 

I have dedicated my life’s work to teaching women the universal and spiritual laws of manifestation to create their own dream life! 

Womb Wisdom


I work very closely with the Menstrual Cycle. Combining my Medical, Midwifery & Mystical background to create Medicine for women. I teach women all around their natural cycles, seasons & energetic flows when working in harmony with the Lunar (moon) Cycle to create and manifest a life of their dreams, aligned to their heart and soul and to heal deeply.

I work with women to heal womb trauma - sexual abuse, terminations, miscarriages, still births, fertility issues, self worth issues etc. With womb work, I work closely with past life, ancestral and collective trauma that we store in our womb space and release this with love so we can be free. 



“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 



“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.” 

Sacred Cacao 


As well as this Womb Wisdom, I work very closely with the Sacred Plant Medicine - Cacao. 

Cacao has been a healer and teacher for me, a midwife and a friend. I have opened my heart layer by layer to soothe and heal my heart to give and receive love. 

I am so passionate about combining this Womb Wisdom, with Spirituality & Sacred Cacao. 

Sac-Red: The Mystery School


I then went on to create Sac-Red: The Mystery School (formerly the Sisterhood of the Rose Membership) - which was channeled to me when I was abroad in Bali on Retreat in a temple! This has now exploded and reached many women - there is over 100 sisters in the tribe & it had been deeply healing! 

This tribe is a gathering of women passionate about healing, spirituality, the rise of the divine feminine. We gather, we heal, we drink sacred cacao and we DANCE and have FUN! 

Spirituality & the Sesh!


Someone once described my ceremonies and me as combining spirituality and the session!

As in, singing, dancing and laughing and modernising spirituality!


I have seen spirituality become very SERIOUS. There’s no need!


So come join me in ceremony or sisterhood!