The Initiation


Sac-Red Space Facilitator Training With Sarah Richardson


12 years experience blending medical and mystical as a midwife, healer and teacher of sacred healing arts.







This is an Initiation from normal life into the Sacred.




Residential Retreat & Facilitator Training



Personal Healing & Rebirth Journey as well as Professional Space Holding for Ceremony & One to One Healing sessions.

All Inclusive - Vegetarian Chef

Opening Circle 3pm Friday, Closing Circle 6pm Sunday.


Waiting List


The Initiation includes:


  • Initiations into Energy Healing
  • Psychic Development/Intuitive Arts
  • Channeling
  • One to One Healing

  • Elemental Healing

  • Ceremony

  • Ritual/Practices

  • Divine Feminine Mysteries - Isis/Rose/Mary Magdalene Lineage

  • Sacred Cacao Facilitator Training

  • Sacred Dance

There will be a special focus on the initiation into abundance and prosperity. The Goddess Isis, and Queen Maebh - the sovereignty Goddess of Ireland are channeling through Sarah for this training. We will receive a blessing and initiation from the land of Queen Maebhs tomb.

The energy of sovereignty, sexuality and wealth is coming in strongly for this training as you will not only be stepping into this on a personal level, but you will be stepping into holding sacred space for others. In doing so you are stepping into your destiny as a healer, and space holder and this will bring many blessings to you in abundance and other ways.

This is the initiation into you as a Priestess, a Queen and a Wise Woman.


What is included in this training:


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner & snacks by incredible vegetarian chef - Nicky Halliday
  • Opening/ Closing Ceremony
  • In Person sharing circles
  • Intention Setting
  • Hands on healing
  • Healing attunements & activations
  • Cacao Ceremonies in many different forms over the weekend - journeys, creativity, dance, healings and so much more
  • Expressing our voice/keening workshop for womb healing
  • Shamanic Journeys
  • Rituals/Practices 
  • Initiations from the Goddess 
  • Sacred Space & Clearing space
  • Oracle card guidance
  • Channelled wisdom and healing and so much more.


As well as this training you will be given access to 3 online trainings that Sarah has created around deepening your connection to the spirit of Cacao, as well as holding ceremony with this plant.

Cacao Facilitator Training


Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine of the heart and womb space. It has been used for generations in healings and ceremony.


If you have felt the call to deepen your connection to the sacred plant medicine of cacao - I hear you.


I felt the same 4 years ago. At first my relationship with Cacao was purely a personal healing journey, and then - the spirit of cacao spoke loudly after a cup of cacao - “it is time to serve the medicine”. From this moment I have held space for thousands of people in ceremony, both in person, and online. It has been the most powerful healing journey of a lifetime. I believe that all of you, who found yourself on this page, like me, have heard the calling. It is time to serve this medicine.


As part of this weekend Initiation, I will be giving you access to 3 online programmes;

Cacao 30 Day Dieta,  Cacao Facilitator Level 1, Cacao Facilitator Level 2.


These are worth a total of €777!


Inside you will find:

  • Access to Self paced and easy to navigate site. No time pressure.
  • Video content
  • Detailed PDF manual
  • Audio channeled meditation to heal relationship to money and abundance
  • Cacao Custodian Initiation Ceremony
Cacao Facilitator Training

Cacao Facilitator - Level 1


What you will learn:


  • Welcome - Introduction to Cacao
  • Ceremonial Cacao & Preparation
  • History & Etymology of Cacao
  • Cacao as a Plant Medicine 
  • Compounds in Cacao
  • Cacao & Health Precautions 
  • Interactions Pregnancy/Birth & Postnatal Period 
  • Ceremonial Cacao Vs Chocolate 
  • Creative Recipes 
  • Cacao & Abundance
  • Cacao Custodian Initiation & Ceremony

Cacao Facilitator - Level 2


As part of Level 2 (Cacao Ceremony Facilitator), will learn everything you need to know to deepen your relationship with cacao including:

  • Cultural Appropriation
  • The Spirit of Cacao (including meditation to meet spirit of cacao)
  • Healing with Cacao - Physical (includes healing yoga nidra), Mental, Emotional (includes healing emotions audio) & Spiritual
  • Holding Space with Cacao
  • Your Personal Journey with Cacao 
  • Integrity - (includes calling in your ideal client meditation) 
  • Creating Sacred Space (Intention, Opening & Closing Sacred Space) - prayers 
  • Embodiment & Integration After Your Training
  • Bonus - Spiritual Business Tips - Abundance Meditation, Releasing Limiting Beliefs around money & a healing abundance Prayer 
  • 4 bonus Cacao Ceremonies for you to do in your own time with the spirit of cacao
  • All live ceremonies will be recorded and placed in the portal for you to do in your own time or repeat 
  • Certificate of Completion to hold Sacred Cacao Ceremony Level 2 
  • Certificate of Completion - Cacao Custodian Level 1 to share and sell cacao

The Initiation is for you if:


  • You have been feeling the call to the Goddess, to Ceremony, to work with sacred plants, to the divine feminine.
  • You know deep down you are a priestess and you are here to share this sacred work with others. 
  • You have sat with Cacao for some time and felt her relationship and connection strengthen.
  • Have heard a message that “it’s time to serve this medicine or hold ceremony/sacred space”.
  • If you have prayed for guidance on your path or your career and abundance.
  • If you have never even had cacao but felt the calling and know that you want to learn more!
  • You have a curiosity in womb healing, sexuality, spirituality and healing.
  • You sense that your community around you need the medicine and healing.
  • Your a healer, therapist or anyone in the wellness world and are ready to deepen your offerings for women.

The Initiation


(usually €3444)

  • Full Weekend Healing Experience/Retreat/Training - €697

  • All Inclusive High Vibrational Food €222 

  • Accommodation €222

  • Cacao/Other Medicines - €180 

  • Online Content - Worth €666 

  • Opening Ceremony - including attunement - worth €222 

  • Closing Ceremony including attunement - €222

  • Audio meditations €188

  • Bonus Cacao Immersion - worth €222

  • Bonus Cacao Custodian Level 1 - worth €333

  • Bonus Chakra Healing Journey - worth €111

  • Bonus 4 Cacao Ceremonies - €240

Pay Deposit

Important Details:


Dates: Friday 2nd 3pm to Sunday 4th September 6pm.

Location: Gyreum Eco Lodge, Sligo


Deposit of €100 to secure your space.

Please note deposits are non-refundable unless date/ location changed by Sarah.

Limited spots - only taking an intimate group.


Payment Plans Available - contact [email protected]

Final Amount due : 18th August 22


About your teacher Sarah


Sarah is a Midwife - Bhean Ghlúine, healer and teacher for 12 years. Her experience is with womb healing, medicine work and channeling wisdom from the goddess. 



Queen Maebh (sovereignty goddess, sexuality, power, wealth) - her Grave where we will visit

Nicky Halliday - Chef, Nutritional Therapist and Cacao Medicine Woman

Delicious Food