The Sacred Birth Method™


Where Medical meets Mystical…


6 Week Programme

The Sacred Birth Method™

Spiritual Midwife Support



I don’t want you to be afraid anymore.


Allow me, your spiritual midwife to support you through this process. This is a life changing and beautiful experience but from my deep work with women (both in clinical environment and healing) I have seen a lot of fear around this time. 

I believe that when we heal (the past, our own life experiences, our ancestors experiences of birth) we can free ourselves from fear and remember our innate ability to birth our babies.


Who is Sarah?

Creator of The Sacred Birth Method™ 

I am a Registered Midwife and Fertility Specialist with over 12 years experience both clinical and lecturing with a Holistic approach to Conception, Fertility & Birth Journey.

I am a Healer and Spiritual Teacher with a strong connection to Spirit in particular the souls of babies. I have many years of experience teaching on a range of topics around spirituality, healing, psychic development and women's' wisdom as well as seeing women over the last 6 years for healings around conception, women’s health, pregnancy and birth. I have witnessed miraculous healings with the method of healing I have created. 

Read more of my story and see my credentials 

Credentials & Experience

The Programme

This is a 6 week programme self paced where you will be guided through:

  • Positive Birth & Hormones in Labour and how we can work with them!
  • Active Birthing positions to support you. 
  • Breathwork for pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • Releasing Fear of birth.
  • Manifesting your ideal birth!
  • Labour, Birth & The Role of the Birth Partner 

This is a supportive experience through this beautiful rite of passage.

Combining Midwifery and Spirituality, Medical and Mystical to bring the two worlds together to conceive life!

Bonus Includes;

  • Positive Caesarean experience 
  • Rebirth experience 
  • Ancestral Healing (to heal all the women who have given birth before you)
  • Birth Blessing Ceremony
  • Full Active Birth Manual
  • Sacred Birth Ceremony 




Allow me to support you to prepare all realms of yourself for pregnancy and birth and motherhood. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Each week includes;

  • Teachings around the topic
  • Audio Meditation 
  • Resources (PDFs, Playlists, Movies, Books etc)
  • Healing section


You can do this in your own time, over the 9 months of your pregnancy.



I want to midwife you away from fear and into a more empowered state of creation where you can have choice in your life and in your family and your birth.

Who EXACTLY is this programme for?

  • Any woman preparing to birth their baby. Whether pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.
  • Any woman who knows there must be more than just the medical road.
  • If you are deeply afraid of giving birth. In complete fear and surrounded by scary birth stories.
  • If you have knowledge of birth or no knowledge of birth. First time mama, second time mama and so on…
  • A woman who is ready to look within, and who is ready to take full responsibility and her power back!
  • A woman who is open-minded to a non traditional and spiritual approach to your birth.
  • A woman who would like to connect deeper to their body, their spirituality and their baby.

This is STILL for you even if:

  • You have been given a medical diagnosis
  • You are in a same sex relationship

  •  You are single

  •  You went through medical treatment (IVF/ICSI/Donor Cycle/Egg Retrieval/Embryo Transfer)

  •  You have experienced pregnancy release

  •  You have had a previous birth trauma

  •  You are having a planned caesarean

My wish for you...


I want you to feel empowered going into your birth and right throughout your pregnancy

I want you to understand the sacredness of this rite of passage

I want you to be provided with all the tools you need to go into Labour supported by breathe, movement and education around your body. 

I want you to remember your power

I want you to be astounded by the power of your body

I want you to feel deeply connected to the universe and your baby

I want to support your baby to have an easy transition to the world

I want your baby to feel loved, connected and comfortable at all times of their special journey

I want your birth journey to be one of pleasure, connection, intimacy, love and ecstasy!

My Why?

I believe that if we heal conception and birth, we heal the world.

I believe that we were all conceived, we were all birthed and we will all die.

I want women to feel empowered by their body, their conception, their cyclical wisdom, their magic and their births. Women in their full power are unstoppable.

We need that right now! 


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Birth Blessing

I also provide 1:1 Birth Blessing Ceremonies to mark this special journey for you. The Birth Blessing Option is available online or in person. Discount of 10% for those who have also signed up to this programme.


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