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Sac-red: The Mystery School was born after 2 years of gatherings of women  We gathered together in our sacred container to learn, to grow and to heal ourselves. For generations upon generations across time, women have gathered together in secret, in mystery schools. 

Women would gather to learn about the mystery teachings of healing arts and spirituality, the divine feminine, sexuality, astrology and so much more.

Visualise yourself walking through the secret temple doors my love, entering The Mystery School.

You have a special invitation as a lightworker, a healer, a starseed, a wise woman, a medicine woman…

This is a school for priestesses and witches. 

We are the modern day mystics and this is the sacred space where you can learn and grow, heal and become more of who you always wanted to be.

This is your sacred space, and your sacred community my dear sister.

What an honour it is to hold this space for you.

This is a supportive space for you to honour your ancestral lineage, the wisdom and medicine of the earth, your divine feminine magic and power, the way of the stars and cosmos, the ancient teachings of the Goddess.

This is the space to develop your super powers of mediumship, psychic powers and connection to spirit.

This will no longer be a mystery.

Testimonials from Sisters:

It has been the best thing that happened to me all year, the connections and friends I have made for life with my sisters has been so beautiful
"I absolutely loved any of the events I attended through the sisterhood. Great value and fantastic support."
"Thank you for providing such a positive, healing platform for women.”


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- Rituals and practices

- Themed healing months

- Resources for deepening healing


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Masterclasses from guest speakers

Amazing Masterclasses with the best in their field for areas like Pleasure, Mediumship, Ancestral Healing, Feng Shui, Past Life Regression and so much more.

Astrology Forecast


An Astrology Forecast by our chief Astrology - Rachelle Hicks


Private Facebook group, two in person cacao ceremonies included and so much more...


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Learn through your own self paced content, as well as quarterly live ceremonies.

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80+ Ceremonies/Masterclasses/Meditations & Videos