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In my element is a 4 week healing journey with the sacred elements of earth, wind, fire and water. It was profound when we journeyed through these sacred elements, each one weaving a different story and energy, each one bringing us back to our inner wholeness and harmony.

What's Included;


- Personal Login to the Healing Platform

- Easy to use App

- Four 1.5 Hour healing ceremonies - Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

- Guided Healing Meditation for elemental healing.

- Workbook with information on elements, rituals and practices and space for journaling.

- Resources ++ movies, books, practices.

- Breathwork

- Embodiment Practices

- Home-Play Ideas to support integrating the wisdom of the week.

- Self Paced - no pressure

- Life Time Access


This is for you if;


- You feel disconnected from your body, life, creativity, lifeforce, fun and spirit.

- You are craving a deeper connection to yourself, the earth, the mother, the father, men, women.

- You are in survival mode and you are ready and want to let go of stress and come back to flow.

- You feel disempowered or like a victim in life and you desire your power back!

- You feel disconnected from food or have an unhealthy relationship with food and your body.

- You need mother healing.

- You need father healing

- You need to heal the divine feminine, masculine.

- You wish to heal your relationship or call in one.

- You want more pleasure in your life!

- You need direction/Clarity in your life, path and purpose.

- You feel lonely.

- If you feel something is missing.

- You feel homeless.

- You feel uprooted or ungrounded



The Four Elements


Week 1 - Earth


We journeyed to the earth to reconnect with the great mother. Healing loneliness through reconnection. Coming home. Including breathwork, meditation, journey and healing.


Week 2 - Air


We journeyed through the sky, to create more space in our mind body and spirit. Including breathwork, meditation, journey and healing.


Week 3 - Fire


We journeyed to the sacred fire to reclaim our power and our light. Healing our relationship with the fire of our desires. Including breathwork, meditation, journey and healing.


Week 4 - Water


We journeyed deep within our inner water of our wombspaces to receive wisdom from our sea-shell. We met the spirit of water and let go of survival and surrendered to the flow of our life. Including breathwork, meditation, journey and healing.



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