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- 30 Days

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What is a Cacao Dieta?


Entering a Plant Medicine Dieta (Spanish for diet) is a powerful way to deepen your practice with a sacred plant teacher and be in extended communion with Spirit. A Cacao Dieta is an immersive, accelerated learning practice co-facilitated by cacao for both novices and those more experienced with cacao.

It's primary focus is to deepen, explore and learn from cacao through personal retreat and extended ceremonial work. Your learning and practice will be initiated and supported by gathering in ceremony, the devotion of time and space, witnessing and reflection, deep connection to spirit, and somatic embodiment.

What is Ceremonial Cacao?


Cacao is a heart medicine, found in South America & Africa. It differs from Cocoa in many ways. Ceremonial Cacao is a specific high quality bean, grown with the intention of love and healing. It is unprocessed, it is organic, it is picked by hand, fermented, roasted and then ground down into a paste by hand. Every step of the way, this process is intentional & healing.

From the time it grows in a Cacao Pod to the time it reaches your cup, many healing intentions and prayers and songs have been infused into your cup. It is connected to an ancient lineage of medicine men & women, shamans & healers who have worked with this medicine. Including the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs of South America.

Cacao Dieta - 30 Days



  • 30 day workbook
  • 2 hour opening & closing ceremonies 
  • Journalling prompts
  • Meditations
  • Music playlists
  • Self paced
  • Easy to navigate log in site
  • Channelled wisdom and healing from spirit
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Your self paced journey with Mama Cacao starts now...


With a 30 day workbook, journalling prompts, meditations, music and so much more, let Mama Cacao bring you on your own personal healing journey. Also included are details on how to prepare for your dieta, what you need for this journey, what and when to ear during these 30 days as well as setting your personal intention.

Is this for me...?


If you are going through a big change in your life, if you feel stuck in a rut, if you need a boost of creativity or healing, if you have a healing intention that no other experience has helped you with.

Choose you this Christmas and New Year! Give yourself the gift of time and space this year.

You will be held in a container of healing. This is the last one I will run live - from now it will be pre-recorded content. This will be an intimate group.

For a limited time only, I am offering this course for €111 (normally €222). Just for you, I have hand picked drum journeys, healing transmissions, easy to navigate site, workbook, Spotify playlists, meditations, breathwork, opening and closing ceremonies, daily rituals and practices and journalling prompts.

Benefits of Cacao

  • Self Love and Care by Devoting 30 days to yourself for your own heart healing.
  • A deeper connection to the plant medicine cacao and the spirit of cacao.
  • Heart Healing, womb healing.
  • Expanding intuitive and psychic gifts.
  • Layers of healing peel away, your healing intention is amplified
  • +++ Aha moments, More love, joy, fun, creativity.