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Abundance - a reclamation of power & wealth

In this ceremony, allow me to guide you into the cauldron of your womb, to journey with the Goddess Brigid and Mama Cacao to the Island of Abundance to clear all limiting beliefs, past traumas and anything that is keeping you stuck in scarcity, poverty or disempowerment. This is a powerful journey if you want to remember the truth of your infinite abundance, if you are ready to welcome in WEALTH into your life. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, financially broke or feeling disempowered this is for you!


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Death of The Old

In this ceremony, allow me to midwife you through your death. Death represents the ending, the transition period. This is for you if you feel you are going through a period of change and transformation, or maybe you need to release and let go of something. Enjoy Sister! Includes Journalling time, card guidance and dancing!

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Healing Through The Ancestors

In this ceremony, we work with the topic of ancestral healing. This is a very deep and powerful healing process where we heal the family line, both maternal and paternal sides, calling all of the family soul back into harmony. This is a powerful ceremony for you if you are calling in a baby, or a partner. It is also extremely beneficial if you are struggling with home or finances as these can sometimes be a way that the ancestral trauma can show up. This would also be powerful for you if you want to bring some harmony and healing to your family if there has been disagreements!


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Ceremony of the Sacred Rose

The Rose is a sacred symbol which goes back thousands of years. The lineage of the Rose is a lineage of women, priestesses, mystics, wisdom keepers. Some of which include Mary (mother of Jesus) and Mary Magdalene.

This is where the “Rosary” comes from, however, it certainly lost its way to religion.


Celebration of the Feminine

This is a powerful ceremony, recorded during ‘International Women’s Day’ which in my community I renamed ‘International Womb-an’s Week’. This ceremony brings with it the energy of honouring and celebrating the feminine.

In this ceremony we go on a journey with Mama Cacao and our Higher Self, to remember how beautiful and powerful we are so we can celebrate and love ourselves as women. This is for you if you need a little oomf of girl power, or maybe if you are going through some womb healing at the moment. This ceremony is FUN, high energy with some dancing to shake up the energy!