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advice balance energy yoga May 18, 2019

Hi guys!

Last week was one of those weeks where I lost all balance. They say when you love what you do you never work a day in your life - I say the opposite! You never want to stop working! I always want to further my training by attending courses, Meditations, yoga classes. I could eat this stuff up!

Not only that but I am passionate about holding workshops, yoga classes, one to one healings and much more! My mind is so hooked on energy healing & our mindset that I want to shout it from the rooftops. That was - until last week (I blame the Full moon) that I crashed energetically,

Energy is everything to me, I speak about it all day long, I use it to heal all day long - I need it to be in good shape in order to help others long term.

I had worked all week seeing clients one to one, held a Reiki Workshop all weekend and then taught a meditation that evening. My energy was tired, exhausted & I was worn out. I needed to pull everything I knew in order to heal myself.

I asked myself - what would I tell a client?

And this is exactly what I did:

✨ Book in for an Energy Healing with a healer you trust & connect with.

✨ Get something physical done to relax the body - I booked in for a Massage & Reflexology

✨ Drink water

✨ Take lots of showers

✨ Take time in nature (I jumped into the sea!!)

✨ Rearrange your diary so that you have more balance day to day!

✨ Say No to things that don’t feel right.

✨ Have some time alone

✨ Chill with friends (thanks guys!)

✨ Talk it out - what’s not working in life? What needs to change?

✨ Get to a Yoga/Meditation class specifically on balance.

✨ Delegate - what could you ask for help with. (I brought my washing to the dry cleaners & booked a cleaner for my house for one day! (Sooo worth it!)


These are all the things that helped me this week!! I hope it helps you find some more balance in your life ❤️




Sarah xx

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