Trusting Your Gut Instinct by Sarah Richardson

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Trusting Your Gut Instinct

I speak a lot about trusting your gut instinct to all my clients & students.

We were born with this innate ability to know what’s best for us and what is not good for us. It stems back from when we were under attack and we had to use these important senses to know how to survive.

My first lesson in trusting my gut instinct came from when I was working in a busy Dublin Maternity Hospital. I loved my job so much in delivery ward but I had this inbuilt feeling that I could help more people outside of the hospital. This was a massive leap of faith because it had the potential to totally flunk on me!

During a beautiful delivery, just as the baby was delivered and I placed it on mums chest I had this gut feeling it would be one of my final deliveries. I didn’t understand my next step but if anything was true I always knew that when I followed my gut instinct I was never led wrong. That night I put the wheels in motion and I stumbled across a job as a Fertility Midwife. My gut was screaming YES! My mind however, was not on the same page! I chose my gut and I went for the interview, I got the job and soon after left my lovely delivery ward. I worked in Fertility learning the skills I needed until that all familiar voice told me it was my time to go it alone (although we are never truly alone!). I had been seeing clients every evening doing one to one energy healings but it wasn’t something I could do full time - or so I thought. Here it was again, my gut was telling me my time in the Fertility clinic was over, I had learned all I needed.

I left that same day as I got the guidance - to everyones surprise! Just as I walked away from the clinic I received a phonecall from a lady looking for a healing appointment. From that client, I received many clients all through word of mouth and all it took was for me to take that HUGE leap of faith!

I tell all my clients, first you take the leap of faith and then follows the blessings, not the other way around.

You must always trust that feeling either in your heart or for me in the pit of my stomach (my solar plexus chakra!).

Our guides - whether you want to call them your inner guidance system, your spirit guides, your gut instinct or whatever quirky name you have. They are all the same thing. Your inner knowledge always leading you closer and closer to your purpose.

I promise you, now I am living my dream life. I see clients daily for energy healings, spiritual guidance, fertility & pregnancy advise. I teach monthly workshops, meditations and classes. None of this would of been possible if I didn’t trust my gut feeling. We all have the power to know what’s best for us - no one else knows what is best for you. So often we give our power away to others when we ask them “what should I do?“.

The only way to maintain a strong connection with your inner guidance system is to maintain a regular practice of LISTENING. It sounds so simple. Listening. We often say “I asked for guidance“, but when I question my clients - “did you listen for the answer?“. The process of stilling your mind through your breath or meditation, by checking in with how your body feels in a situation or when in someone’s company. That is how we can listen for guidance.

Take a moment now to think of a situation, a person or something you need guidance on, Close your eyes and follow your breath. Become aware of how your body feels. Does it tense up or does your heart begin to race when your thinking of your job? Do you leave someone’s company feeling drained, anxious or negative? These are all ways of our energy system telling us to avoid certain people, places or things.

I have often cancelled last minute on plans because they just “didn’t feel right“, and that is ok!

Begin a daily practice of when an offer comes up for dinner or drinks or a new job opportunity or a workshop or a class, taking a moment to stop and ask your body does this feel good?

The same goes for when your gut is screaming at you to do something - follow that! Follow what feels good, avoid what doesn’t. My gut absolutely screamed at me to do my reiki courses, they also screamed at me to stop going to certain teachers and healers and to go to others. Usually the universe will later explain why you weren’t meant to be there for some extra added reassurance in the process.


There is many stories of people who escaped dangerous situations by following their gut feeling - it is there for a reason. If we follow our gut every step of the way we will be brought closer and closer to our bliss.

Just remember, you have read this for a reason!!

So ladies & gentleman, what is your gut feeling screaming at you today? Can you take a moment to listen? Most importantly, TRUST.

Love you all, sending so much blessings,








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