Top Tips For Wellness

tips wellness Feb 01, 2019
top tips for wellness

Wellness seems to be a buzzword recently?

I’m not just talking kale smoothies & yoga in the park! Although.. Yoga in the park does sound fab!!

Namaste Wellness - which is the combination of my two sides. First side being my Hippy/Yoga Pants wearing side, and my second side - my Medical & Midwifery background. This is where my passion for overall wellness comes from. Mind, Body & Spirit!

Wellness to me, is balance & harmony in the body.

My top tips for wellness:

  • Get out in nature every day! Connecting with nature brings us back into harmony. It grounds us in the present moment and helps us to release tension and anxiety. Breathe in the fresh air by the sea or in a park. Soak up all the natural endorphins it brings! Gentle exercise can also improve your mood and motivation.

  • Drink More & Drink Less - This is self explanatory. Drinking more water hydrates your body, flushes away toxins and energises the body. Not only this but it stops us feeling hungry and promotes weight loss. Its an all round wonder drug :) Drinking Less alcohol will help you to stay in balance. Alcohol is a diuretic so can cause us to become dehydrated and crave unhealthy food. You don’t need to completely deprive yourself - balance is everything.

  • Nutrition - Focus on a variety of colourful fruit and vegetables, high fibre and wholegrain foods. Not only does nutrient dense food affect your body it also plays a huge beneficial role in your mood! If you are unaware of balanced nutrition please seek the help of a nutritionist. I can highly recommend - Ciara O’Dea from the Allergy & Nutrition Clinic.

  • Love yourself & Love your body - Self love is so important for your overall wellness. This can be by going for a healing, a massage, giving yourself a facemask or a bath and lighting a candle! Whatever feels lovely for you! Using positive affirmations can boost your self esteem and mood and have powerful effects on your brainwaves! Here are some of my favourite affirmations -

  • Talking, whether talking to a friend or talking to a psychotherapist or healer, this is one of the most powerful steps to find wellness and balance in your body. Voicing and acknowledging your worries or concerns will allow you to find peace and harmony within. Find your support network and lean on them. Noticing your emotions without judgement.

  • Meditation is the key that unlocks your full potential and wellness. Meditation brings you to a space of calm and peace. So many physical ailments are the result of emotions such as anger and stress. Meditation will ease and clear these emotions to provide your body with stability and overall wellness!

  • Reducing Screen time. With the craziness of social media we are constantly running on adrenaline every time we get a notification. I recently turned off my notifications for this reason, and to assist in finding balance I have used the “Screen Time“ app to limit my usage. Try it out its amazing!

  • Sleep is such a vital part of our wellness. Without sleep our health and happiness can suffer. Creating an environment conducive to sleeping in the evening, reducing screen time, listening to some music or a guided meditation will all help.

  • SAYING NO - My fave! Finding more balance and wellness in life comes when we begin to say no to things, people and places that don’t feel good.


Why not try one or two of these top tips this month? Remember - no judgement! We’re looking for balance and wellness! :)



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