Should I do a Reiki Level One Workshop?

level one reiki Nov 26, 2018
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A lot of people ask me how they would they know if they should do a Reiki workshop. The first thing I tell them is that the fact they are even asking me that question means YES, you should do a Reiki workshop!


Reiki is not necessarily for “hippy dippys” or “enlightened” people. It is for anyone who has an interest in making their life better! (Oh yes, that’s EVERYONE!).

For me, Reiki opened up a beautiful channel of unlimited life force energy. It was an instant hit of peace and love and positivity that I had never felt before.

Reiki is an ancient healing tradition ageing back to the 1800s in Japan, it has been used for many years to heal many conditions. There are 3 different levels of Reiki but for the purpose of this blog I will stick to Reiki Level One.

Below are some reasons to take a Reiki Level One Workshop

·       If you are someone who suffers with reduced energy, fatigue, low mood or depression and anxiety.

·       If you are someone who has been searching for something new and exciting in your life

·       If you are looking for a deeper spiritual connection or maybe a new spiritual connection

·       If you are in chronic or acute pain or suffer from Fibromyalgia or M.E.

·       If you have always felt like a natural born healer or empathy or maybe you work in the caring and healing field.

·       If you have always felt a deep connection or curiosity by Angels

·       If your ready for a positive new life change!

·       If you want to change the way you think, feel and communicate.

·       If you would like more positive relationships and situations


If you would like to heal yourself, family and friends and pets.


·       If you want to meet likeminded positive people

There are so many reasons to do a Reiki Level One course. In all of my courses I bring in the help of my Angels, Spirit guides and assist you in connecting to your own spirit team. My workshops are always a beautiful weekend of positivity, friendship and of course fun! We cover everything there is to know about self healing, healing others, healing with crystals and Angels, along with meditation.


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