How The Full Moon Affects Us?

full moon May 31, 2018
Full moon - Sacred Midwife and intuitive healer

Are you one of those lucky people who gets “Full-Moonitis”? I certainly am!

 It is a well known concept that the full moon affects tides and oceans, and the human body is made up of 60% water - some animals are up to 90% water. So in this way, the moon can affect our blood flow and our brain function on a physical level. Historically the full moon is a beautiful time to release and let go as the cycle of the moon then begins to change to the cycle of the new moon. Below are some of the ways the full moon can affect our mood:


• It May bring up whatever is time to let go off e.g Anxiety/Fear

• Overly sensitive/ Irrational to things you may normally not have an issue with.

• Low Mood

• Emotional Rollercoaster

• Low Energy/Fatigue

• Difficulty Sleeping

• Bloating/ Digestive issues/ Weight Gain

• Cravings

• Dehydration

• Feeling foggy

• Anger/ Irritation

• Nightmares



However, if you are the lucky ones.. you may even feel energized by the full moon! This is a great time to release & let go of whatever you are ready to let go of. Doing a full moon ritual or ceremony is a lovely way to let go. What I usually do is take some time outdoors in the full moonlight, sitting on my balcony & meditating on whatever I’m releasing. I usually light a candle and make a bullet point list of whatever I’m letting go of. Here is an example:


“Thank you Full moon for allowing me to finally release ....”


I usually end my list with whatever I would like to manifest instead of that which I am releasing. For example, if you are releasing fear, manifest calm/peace. 


You can rip this peace of paper up, burn it, leave it in the moon light to charge up overnight, stamp on it, scramble it up - whatever feels the greatest for you. I love to burn my releases!!


If you work with crystals, it is a good idea to pop your crystals outdoors in the moonlight overnight to charge them up, clear negative or lower energies from them. My favourite thing to do in a Full Moon is to leave a glass bottle of water outside with my crystals in it and then drink the water the next day! It will be like having a double espresso! I usually leave my window and curtains open on the full moon night to allow the light to flood my room.


So make use of the Full Moon, and know that it is ok not to feel ok at this time. Make time to book in for a healing session if you need a hand clearing blocks of energy.









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