Enhancing & Maintaining Your Spiritual Connection

connection Nov 26, 2018

I meet so many people day to day on this spiritual “journey”. I do cringe every time I say that! We call each other our “tribe”.

Being a spiritual person is not all light and love – I do need to emphasise that. I would be lying if I said this path is easy, it is one of the most challenging paths to take. It is one of self discovery – and let me remind you “finding yourself” can sometimes be awful! It is one that requires a deep inner strength and courage to look at the good aspects of you, the bad and even the ugly!

When students come to my classes for meditation or reiki, they are usually at a point in their life where they want and sometimes, need change. No one takes it upon themselves to jump on the spiritual path for the craic, they have usually been through some form of trauma, addiction, depression or overall sense of “there must be more to life”.

That’s when I try and take them under my wing and to tell them that I can help it all feel a little bit more manageable, a little bit more balanced.

I suppose the reason for writing this blog is because over recent times I have met people who have found a beautiful interest in healing, yoga or meditation however, when things don’t seem to go their way they crumble and almost blame spirituality. This is a lifelong relationship that requires effort and requires a continuous daily spiritual connection. Just like any relationship in your life. You need to call your friends regularly, you need to pop in to see your parents and likewise, spirituality needs regular connection.

If I could say anything to anyone beginning on their spiritual journey I would say this:


There are no gurus, as Tony Robbins Netflix documentary says “I am not your Guru”. You are your own Guru. You are the one who has all of the answers that you seek. Many people come to me with questions or looking for advise – sure I can give you advise, I can use my intuition and follow guidance from my own guides but ultimately you are on your own spiritual path and you have all the answers within. How incredibly empowering is that? YOU have all the answers. I will repeat, YOU have all the answers. Not the next psychic medium, not the next Angel Card reader. YOU.

The next and ultimately the most important thing to remember is that the way we receive the answers is through meditation. Is by silencing your mind so you can hear the guidance from your inner guidance system and spirit guides. This is the reason I am writing this blog. I meditate daily, if I am going through a spiritual lesson I meditate hundreds of times throughout the day for guidance. This is the missing jigsaw piece in peoples spiritual journey. Many people say to me “But Sarah I’ve asked and asked and asked and asked for answers and NOTHING”. There lies the problem, you’ve asked and asked and asked, have you listened?

Asking is praying… Meditation is listening.

Quieten your mind, that is where the magic happens.

If anyone asks me what my top tip for enhancing this spiritual journey we are all on is, I respond “We must maintain a daily spiritual connection”. A daily spiritual connection can be in the form of lighting a candle in the morning or evening, writing in a gratitude journal, meditating for 5 minutes or 50 minutes, focusing on your breath, taking time to be mindful and many more.


People think we must be a buddhist monk in the middle of the Himalayas to be spiritual – (you should see me meditating in the middle of mayhem with a crazy 7 year old trying to get my attention and sometimes joining in). This is real meditation. Anyone can meditate in the Himalayas – I’ve been there done that. The real challenge is meditating in our crazy busy western world!

You’ve read this blog for a reason, I really want to help, I really want to reach out to all of the people in my tribe. Take your pick of what daily spiritual connection you resonate with.


Light A Candle:

Focus on the flame, allow your eyes to become soft. Marvel at the beauty of the flame. Allow the light to enter your body and your energy field. Fill your whole self with light. Allow it to burn away lower energies and frequencies. Meditate for a few moments on gratitude, on light and on letting go of negativity. Lighting a candle can also be a beautiful time to pray for yourself, devote yourself to whoever your guidance team is, pray for healing for someone or even ask a question in relation to your current life.


Practice Gratitude:

Invest in a beautiful journal that you connect with and jot down moments in the day your grateful for, people your grateful for and even down to the mundane things that are so important like your car to help you get around, your beautiful home etc. Even spend a couple of moments feeling this gratitude vibrating inside your body. This allows us to manifest rapidly more of what we are grateful for.



Take some moments to focus on your breath, the inhale and the exhale, breathing all the way down to your belly. Even noticing how your body feels, how your day has been and focus on slowing the breath down. You could even try a guided meditation on Youtube or on an App like HeadSpace.

I meditate at night time just before I sleep on whatever it is that has come up that day – maybe Self Love, Forgiveness, Letting go… Youtube has an abundance of incredible meditations!

Or join a meditation class – check out my website for upcoming group meditations..



Mindfulness and staying in the present moment is a powerful tool of spirituality. Noticing how you feel, how your food tastes, how the breeze feels. Staying in the present will avoid you “future tripping” about things we have no control over.


I know that was a quick run through of ways in which you enhance your spiritual connection but spirituality or enlightenment is a life long process that many of us will never fully get to, and that is ok. We are human. However meditation will teach you, will guide you and will absolutely change your life as you know it.


I am sending you so much love,






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