My Story - Sarah Richardson

Hello beautiful!

I am so grateful you felt the call to my page to work with me & connect!! Here is a little bit about my background!

Sarah Richardson|Early LIfe

Early Life

From a young age, I was always highly connected to spirit and energy. I grew up in North Dublin so we didn’t really speak about energy or angels! To numb my sensitivity, I did the usual - smoking, drinking & experimenting & being a trouble maker in school! Which continued right into my adulthood!

I began mixing with a rebellious crowd and found myself pregnant at age 19, in an extremely abusive relationship - physically, mentally & emotionally.

I had just begun my studies to become a Midwife, and at the time my spiritual connection was growing stronger and stronger as I was numbing it more and more.

Sarah Richardson - Spiritual Retreats, Ceremonial Cacao, Reiki Trainer, Soul Journey

From Donaghmede to Delhi...

I had many spiritual awakenings over my life, from a young age seeing and connecting to spirit to moments of ecstasy and bliss in temples in India & Bali!

Spirit spoke through to me loudly during a near death experience with my abusive ex partner. Without this careful guidance I wouldn’t be here today!

So after that moment I knew I would dedicate my life to healing work, guiding and supporting women.

I followed my heart to Delhi in India to dive into spirituality and find myself - so cliche!!


I went on to train in many intuitive healing modalities:

  • Reiki Level 1, 2, Advanced Practitioner & Master & Teacher Level.
  • Rahanni Celestial Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Access Consciousness
  • Access Bars
Sarah Richardson|Early LIfe

I taught Yoga:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Wise Women Yoga (Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Fertility Yoga - Uma Dinsmore Tuli - Yoni Shakti).

I trained in a variety of meditation practices including:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Mantra
  • Creative Visualisation.
Sarah Richardson- Spiritual Midwife


I had my baby boy, who is now 10 and has been my biggest teacher. I continued my studies and qualified and was given “a good pensionable job”.

I worked in all areas of the busiest Dublin Maternity Hospital - looking after mothers & babies - from the most straight forward cases to the sickest in NICU. I thrived working in Delivery ward, I felt most connected to my soul & spirit when I was with a woman birthing her baby. Being able to support her through her transition to become a mother is the highlights of my life. Witnessing the soul enter the room at birth, and also working closely with the grief of miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal deaths.

Eventually, I went on to specialise in Fertility in a busy clinic. I began to witness high levels of stress being a massive cause of fertility issues. I knew there was more to fertility than medication!


I began designing my dream life, meeting amazing people, I manifested a home, a car, my thriving healing business! I left my life behind in the medical profession and I seen thousands of people one to one for deep transformational healing work. I began to live a life aligned with my soul and every aspect of me thrived!!

I have dedicated my life’s work to teaching women the universal and spiritual laws of manifestation to create their own dream life!

Sarah Richardson Womb Wisdon and ceremony

Womb Wisdom

I work very closely with the Menstrual Cycle. Combining my Medical, Midwifery & Mystical background to create Medicine for women. I teach women all around their natural cycles, seasons & energetic flows when working in harmony with the Lunar (moon) Cycle to create and manifest a life of their dreams, aligned to their heart and soul and to heal deeply. I work with women to heal womb trauma - sexual abuse, terminations, miscarriages, still births, fertility issues, self worth issues etc. With womb work, I work closely with past life, ancestral and collective trauma that we store in our womb space and release this with love so we can be free.

Sarah Richardson- Spiritual Midwife

Sacred Cacao

As well as this Womb Wisdom, I work very closely with the Sacred Plant Medicine - Cacao.

Cacao has been a healer and teacher for me, a midwife and a friend. I have opened my heart layer by layer to soothe and heal my heart to give and receive love.

I am so passionate about combining this Womb Wisdom, with Spirituality & Sacred Cacao.

Sisterhood of The Rose Membership

I then went on to create the Sisterhood of the Rose Membership which was channeled to me when I was abroad in Bali on Retreat in a temple! This has now exploded and reached many women - there is over 100 sisters in the tribe & it had been deeply healing!

This tribe is a gathering of women passionate about healing, spirituality, the rise of the divine feminine. We gather, we heal, we drink sacred cacao and we DANCE and have FUN!

Spirituality & the Sesh!

Someone once described my ceremonies and me as combining spirituality and the session! As in, singing, dancing and laughing and modernising spirituality!
I have seen spirituality become very SERIOUS. There’s no need!
So come join me in ceremony or sisterhood!

Sisterhood of the Rose Membership

I am so delighted you to ask you to join this Sisterhood. Sisterhood of the Rose is a monthly Membership for Conscious Women to learn, to heal and to grow. To Rise up as we enter the Golden Age. Join below.

Love, Sarah x

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