Volunteer for Women & Children in Africa

Supporting an African Orphanage


My name is Sarah & my son's name is Dylan! He is almost 10 years old! And we are off on an adventure to support women and children who need it most.

I am a Midwife & a Healer and my whole life’s work has been around supporting vulnerable women and babies in the times they most need it!


Myself & Dylan are setting off to Africa to support women and children who need it most.


My work as a Midwife and in women’s empowerment and healing will be of some assistance to the women and children of Ghana, Africa.


Myself & Dylan will both live and work in an Orphanage while in Ghana.


In a country with much poverty & deprivation, there has been a huge need for support from all people. Especially for the women of Africa - gender inequality is a huge issue today.


The women’s empowerment work will support those who have experienced violence, sexual abuse, women who have been shunned in society for unplanned pregnancies, women who have HIV/AIDS.


This aspect of the work is close to my heart in many ways.


Me & Dylan will also provide hands on care to the children in the orphanage, assisting them with their daily needs, and also spend time playing and interacting with children in dire need of love and attention.

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Your Help Is Needed

With community centers grossly underfunded and under resourced, volunteer labor is essential to continue to provide care to these children, and help them to lead happy and healthy lives.


As in many countries, children with disabilities can be marginalized from society and many have extremely low quality of life. In some countries having a special need is seen as a curse by much of society. Children with physical or mental challenges are often abandoned by their families and isolated from society.


I would appreciate your love, care and support in your financial donation for both myself and Dylan to support the Ghanaian women and children as much as we can!

Any help you can give would mean so much!

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Thank you for all of your support.


Sending you Love and Light,

Love Sarah & Dylan