The School of Soul Midwifery & Wise Woman Traditions




Sarah Richardson - Author, Midwife, Keener



A 9 Month Certified Apprenticeship for awakened women & space holders.


This 9 month container is both a PERSONAL healing journey, and a PROFESSIONAL certification and training with Sarah.

This apprenticeship is about Midwifing women through the rites of passage of the Sacred Feminine to reclaim sovereignty, pleasure, power, wealth, freedom and remember their true gifts and purpose.

 This is a new way of leadership, from a place of empowerment, equality and connection rather than greed and disconnection.

 This is about coming back to the land, working with the land and the otherworld as we step forward with our community.


Bringing our ancient ways back to the modern woman.


This is a healing for the Irish Land and Irish Women, and in turn - the whole community heals. Women, Men and Children.



"Sarah the Bean Gluine. Being in her presence is medicine in itself. The magic Sarah weaves at her courses, ceremonies and training is other worldly. Is truly is a sacred space holder, a medicine woman, that orchestrates a meeting of realms beyond words. She has the ability to read the room and intuitively tailors her offerings to the group. She is generous with her knowledge, and it is a sheer pleasure to be in her energy." 



"Sarah's energy and knowledge is hard to articulate into words, she's incredibly spiritual and powerful but with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour. Very relatable and she just makes you feel totally at ease, I now have a Sarah Richardson Revolut vault." 



This is for you if; 


 You are a space holder, a coach, a teacher, a healer etc and you are ready to go DEEPER with the women you serve and yourself!

 You are ready to reclaim your sovereignty and step into LEADERSHIP from the feminine.

 You are ready to step forward as a leader in your tribe

 You are ready to work in a deeply fulfilling way with the land, the medicines and in ceremony with women.

 You are ready for a personal healing journey as well as a professional journey!

 You are DONE with the old way of pushing and going going going!

 You are ready for a change and you have always felt the call towards healing work.

 You are feeling a calling towards connecting to your body and your sensuality and pleasure again (maybe you have felt disconnected).

 You are a natural healer, empath, intuitive and you care a lot.

 You may feel depleted from overgiving and know there is a new way of creating and connecting

 You are ready to create a life of your dreams, a home, a business, a family!

 You may have experienced womb trauma - fertility struggles, endometriosis, birth trauma, sexual trauma and desire to bring this to healing and support others too.

Maybe you are pregnant or wish to conceive and desire to be held through that journey


"Sarah has a very powerful energy that brightens up the room. She is flowing with wisdom and positively. Her way of guiding is very sacred &  special. I’d do the course all over again just to relive the most profound experience." 


Practical Details:


◉ You will have your own log in to the Kajabi App or you can log in via 

◉ Inside the portal you will find resources for the month as well as your full timetable for the year with details - this may include a downloadable PDF, a meditation, a ritual, practice or a video teachings on the topic, guest speakers etc

◉ We will then meet live twice per month for 2 hour ceremony online via zoom platform, this will be an opportunity to learn more about the topic of the week, as well as go on a shamanic healing journey to receive your own wisdom and healing. There will be an opportunity to share and be witnessed by your fellow matriarchs. Recordings will be available and uploaded immediately for replay if timing doesn’t suit you live.

There will be bonus group mentorship calls and guest masterclasses that you will be aware of in advance.

◉ You will receive a certificate at the end which you can then practice holding sacred space and healing work for women.

◉ You will be held in a container of women and you will have lifetime access to the content - you will receive additional support from Sarah as your teacher.